How It Works

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Our website Portal combines everyone's Real Estate website by hyper linking them together. By doing so, everyone's website popularity is combined and helps to build popularity for one and all. As we add Realtor's websites to the Portal, we add more popularity. Every month we are getting stronger and stronger; growing exponentially as we expand across the United States, state by state, city by city, from the West to the East coast.

We are doing this in four phases. We are currently in our phase #2.

Realtors: Simply; as we add Realtors websites, we grow stronger in the search engine ratings. Our national home search site sends buyers and sellers to local Realtors websites daily, for pennies of what Adwords, SEO and pay-per-click charges by attaching your website to our national portal. All member Realtors receive the benefits of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we purchase for our Portal at no additional cost to you! 

How do I Join? 

1) You are on
2) Click on (1) "Choose Your City", fill out the reserve city form.
3) Click on (2) "Membership Request", or "Subscribe", fill out the payment info.

-----DUE TO MULTIPLE DUPLICATE CITY REQUESTS BY DIFFERENT REALTORS, PRIORITY FOR CITY REQUESTS WILL BE DETERMINED BY PAYPAL SIGN UP DATE & TIME....For your insurance, you can do steps 1) and 2) in reverse to ensure you lock in your city! If you see your city is available, lock it in on step 2) before someone else does!

1) We advertise your personal website by attaching it to your chosen city/suburb on

2) When a Realtor joins our portal, we install their personal website as the primary search site for the city/suburb they sign up for. So; when a buyer or seller searches their chosen city, they go directly to the Realtors website instead of through the National Century 21 Website Lead Router Program.

3) When the home buyers and sellers use your website and like it; they are likely to bookmark it for later use. At which point you just gained a possible client. 

4) Before they get to us; when a home buyer or seller searches the internet for homes on Google, Yahoo, MSN etc, they will use a number of search words or combinations of words to get to a home search site. You should do a search in your city to see where your website is being ranked. We suggest you do multiple searches with different phrases in order to see the different results. 

5) These search words and/or phrases are tracked and rated by all the search engines. Then Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. sell them as "Adwords" to vendors who sell them to the public (pay-per-click) to raise the rankings of their websites. The goal is to be ranked on page #1. Not impossible but it is expensive. There are basically two ways to get better rankings as a single website. Pay-per-click advertising is when you pay money for each click to your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is when you pay to have a third party work behind the scenes and optimize your website. Both ways are very expensive for attracting a new client. We use SEO for at no cost to you.

6) We also link all our joined cities together so they gain search engine awareness as one, in We accomplish this with reciprocal linking. When you join, details are sent to you. These multiple links help everyone's website in the rankings. We do all this linking for free. Strength in numbers is something to be aware of. As we expand across the USA adding more Realtors and websites through the months ahead, we will be constantly improving everyone's rankings for their personal websites. takes advantage of the search engines by linking together all the Realtors websites using the recriprocal linking tool. As each Realtor is added to our website; we get stronger and stronger ratings by the search engines.