How To Join

 How do I Join? 

1) You are on
2) Click on (1) "Choose Your City", fill out the reserve city form.
3) Click on (2) "Membership Request", or "Subscribe", fill out the payment info.

1) Please request your city/suburb on the (1) "Choose Your City" form. 

-----DUE TO MULTIPLE DUPLICATE CITY REQUESTS BY DIFFERENT REALTORS, PRIORITY FOR CITY REQUESTS WILL BE DETERMINED BY PAYPAL SIGN UP DATE & TIME....For your insurance, you can do steps 1) and 2) in reverse to ensure you lock in your city! If you see your city is available, lock it in on step 2) before someone else does!

2) Choose either one city suburb or add multiple cities and take advantage of the discounts when you buy more than one city.

3) All choices are on the drop down menu on (2) Membership Request.

4) Once you have sent in the (1) Choose Your City form, you will get instructions on setting up a link to our website. We will then do a reciprocal link back to you, the instructions will explain the importance of this.  

5) Once you have gone to (2) Membership Request and filled out your credit card or PayPal information, we will install your website for your chosen city or cities and all city searches will be directed to your website.