Smart Phone Apps!

~~~Brokers and Realtors~~~

If your city has more than 300,000 population; we would be interested in building an exclusive Smart Phone App for your Real Estate Brokerage.

Who will be exclusively identified? You and your Brokerage! You will receive 100% of all leads generated!

What does it cost? We pay all set up and monthly maintenance fees for the app.

Once your app is live, users will download your custom search that is tied to your local IDX and most likely use it to search for a home. It is not like using "Google", your app will be in their phone ready to instantly look for homes. These same people will also share it with their friends and relatives both verbally and through social media. 

There are different payment options for you to make a choice of; monthly lease fee, monthly unit fee, or pay a net 15% referral fee upon the closing of all transactions. How can you beat that? All you will be required to do to be successful, is respond to your Smart Phone leads. The quicker you respond, the more likely the client will connect with you, and the higher your closing rate will be.

Interested parties should contact:

We have the Apps! How long will it be before your city/suburb is taken?